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Lecture 12

PSYC 305 Lecture 12: Lecture 12

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PSYC 305
David King

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Self Persons essential being that distinguishes them from others Especially considered as the object of introspection or reflexive action How you see yourself Kohut Understand self by thinking it in various form Is there such a thing as an authentic or true self Often worry or recall that you werent yourself just now Due to stress, environmental factor, pressure, fatigue Following your desired career path Whats the outcome and impact of being true self and being ought self Being ought self can add to stress Psychological repressed desire that impact us Either positively and negatively Selfdetermined whether true self exists or not Up to you to figure your true self True self is not stable According to what you feel Carl Rogers Self actualization is the result of figuring it out ideal self Unable to express true self Immigrants unable to express heritage culture Someone in prison? Due to societal norm LGBTQ+ Women Peer pressure High correlation with honestyhumility Dissecting self The I as the active observer The Me as observed in the mirror The duality of self William James The I Selfconsciousness Acute self awareness Aware self as a person Awareness if the foundation of self wo it No social identity Etc The Me Describe certain traits that can be associated with self
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