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Lecture 14

PSYC 305 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Achievement Orientation, Explanatory Style, Existential TherapyPremium

4 pages64 viewsWinter 2017

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PSYC 305
David King

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Carl Rogers
Occurs when one see self in line with ideal self
Acquire awareness to an extent that define self by yourself
Some people define self by others’ expectation
Is it truly authentic?
Not driven by instinct or gene
Up to self to find potential
Fully functioning people
Pre self-actualization
In touch with who you are
Understand what help people to self-actualize
Trump as a self-actualizer or as fully functioning
Hard to define thou
Accept others
Trump doesn’t
has the democratic value and desire to do greater good
Trump has none of these
Steve Jobs as a self-actualizer or as fully functioning
On the face he seems fully functioning
Really wants to help people with his design
Michael Jackson
Lots of conflict going on so not actualizer
Dr Jane
Dedicate self to her interest
The co-winner of Nobel Prize with Malala
Being parents
Actualizer is not reserve for creators only
Already self-actualize
Helping others to self-actualize
Help others to fulfil potential
Important to human growth
Dalai Lama
He helps other with his design and technology
Need to understand if he actually wants to help or just wants to be rich
Can you skip needs
Pursue higher need and skill lower need
If one has previously met lower needs
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