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PSYC 308
Myriam Juda

Chapter 11 Stereotypes Prejudice and Discrimination Stereotypes Beliefs that certain attributes are characteristic of members of particular groups Can be positive or negativeCan be accurateExample AfricanAmericans as more likely to break the law Prejudice A negative attitude or affective response toward a certain group and its individual membersPossible to be positively prejudiced toward a particular group Prejudice involves prejudging others because they belong to a specific category Discrimination Unfair treatment of members of a particular group based on their membership in that groupRoughly speaking stereotyping prejudice and discrimination refer to the belief attitudinal and behavioral components respectively of negative intergroup relations It is possible to be prejudiced and yet not discriminateFor example Jewish people want their children to not marry outside the faith not because they have a low opinionof other groups but because they are concerned about assimilation etcModern Racism Prejudice directed at other racial groups that exists alongside rejection of explicitly racist beliefsIn western countries in particular it is not legally acceptable to engage in many forms of discrimination that were common half a century ago nor it is acceptable to express the sorts of prejudices and stereotypes that were common until relatively recently In one example modern racism is defined as a rejection of explicitly racist beliefs for example that there are genetic differences between racial groups in intelligence while maintaining an enduring suspicion of discomfort with or animosity toward AfricanAmericans In a study participants were in a position to help a black or white individual in need of medical assistance If participant thought they were the only one who could help they came to the aid of the black victim somewhat more often 94 than they did for the white victim 81 But when they thought that other people were present and their inaction could be justified in nonracial grounds they helped the black victim much less often 38 than the white victim 75Thus modern racism shows itself in subtle ways One would never utter a racist word but might never support any social policy designed to aid black Americans either Benevolent Racism and SexismMany of our isms racism sexism ageism are ambivalent containing both negative and positive features For example some people believe Asians are colder and more rigid that whitesand at the same time believe they are more intellectually gifted Or some people may believe women are less competent and intelligent than menand at the same time believe women are warmer and have better social skills
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