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PSYC 308
Myriam Juda

Chapter 10 Relationships and Attraction Relationships Selfselection when investigators cannot assign participants to the conditions that are to be comparedWhen participants select their own condition we can never know whether an observed difference between two conditions is a reflection of the different experiences of the people in those condition or is simply a result of different people tending to gravitate to each of the two conditionsEx Is the failure to celebrate an anniversary a cause of discord Or is that people who are not getting along dont celebrate their anniversariesArguments for the Need to BelongEvolutionaryRelationships help individuals and offspring surviveContributes to the increased likelihood of the replication of the individuals genesLongterm romantic bonds evolved to facilitate reproduction and to raise human offspringParent offspring attachment ensure that infants and children are protected and will survive until they can function independentlyFriendship evolved as a means for nonkin to cooperate and to avoid the costs and perils of competition and aggressionUniversal features Similar kinds of dynamics should exist between romantic partners between parents and children siblings and friends in different cultures around the world specific kinds may vary according to culture universal caregiving between mother and child wrestling between siblings flirtation by young people courting affection between romantic partners dominance displays between adolescent malesWe satisfy our needs for friendship with a limited amount of close friends and once that need is satisfied we no longer seek it in others If need isnt satisfied in existing relationships people will seek to satisfy it in other relationshipsEvidence of the need to belong relationships are vital to our physical and mental wellbeingnegative consequences when need is not met over a long period of time some behaviour seen in animals inappropriate sexual behaviours antisocial behaviour aggression fearfulness mortality rates higher for divorced unmarried and widowed individuals higher suicidehigher crime rates more likely to admitted to hospitals for pysch problems
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