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Lecture 8


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PSYC 309
Todd Handy

Lec 8 NYT article (add prof title) Out-of-body experience? Your brain is to blame -out of body experiences: ex feel a shadowy figure behind you, no one’s there; feel yourself leaving your body looking at body -can induce out-of-body experience by electric current to specific spots in brain (ex angular gyrus); figured that out bc testing women for which tissue gave them seizures and which tissue was important to avoid during surgery using electrodes in brain -info from sense  processed in primary sensory brain regions  combined in some areas in the brain; ex recognize pic of a dog faster if its bark is with it -skin sensors: pressure, pain, heat, cold info Joint, tendon, bone sensors: where body is positioned in space Ear sensors: balance Internal organs (heart, liver, intestine): emotions -if ‘multisensory’ regions (that combine info of many senses) stimulated by current can change sense of body -woman with electrode in left angular gyrus: when it was stimulated she turned her head right to see ‘shadow’ figure under/behind her that copied her body position :. Unusual perception of her own body but unable to realize she’s sensing her own body -feeling of shadowy presence can occur: electrical stimulation, sensory deprivation (mountain climbers, lone sailors), people who’ve had strokes/disruptions to brain blood flow -angular gyrus blends vision with body sense -stimulated angular gyrus on a woman  complete out-of-body experience where she was at the ceiling looking down at her dangling legs, stopped when current stopped. Closed her eyes  sensation of doing sit ups Explanation: position she felt in space and actual position different so her brain tried to make sense of it by thinking she’s floating up and looking down -some schizophrenics have paranoid delusions, sense of being followed, confuse own actions with actions of other people; maybe bc of multisensory regions -body sense gone wrong is because brain is trying to make sense of conflicting info; sense of body is created by the brain! -temporal parietal region responsible for out-of-body experiences; angular gyrus is part of it Heydrich article (add prof title) Illusory own body perceptions: Case reports and relevance for bodily self-consciousness -body rep disorders suggest that multisensory processing is important for self-consciousness -integration of multisensory bodily signals at the temporo-parietal junction with respect to self-location, first-person perspective, and self identification (‘what I experience as my body’) is important for bodily self consciousness -this study: two patients with paroxysmal (?) body rep disorders in which self-identification was abnormal Introduction -bodily processing/rep may have to do with self-consciousness -multisensory bodily processing important in patients w/migraine, stroke, tumors, epilepsy, and psychiatric disorders -right posterior parietal cortex and ipsilesional subcortical regions important to body representation disorde
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