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University of British Columbia
PSYC 312
Andrea Perrino

Student Notes Applied Psychology ..take psych (learned Wundt) to U.S…. explosion in psyc (interest, labs, journals), popularization lack of academic jobs, how to make money? the american psych zeitgeist demanded psychology be useful …and Wundtian not a “useable psych”, alter or turn to Darwin (adaptation) and Galton (measure individuals) perhaps eventual cuts (1912) many psych profs released; people had to convince administrators, politicians of psychology’s worth higher school enrolment, govt. money available; they needed more teachers World War I and II: both were times where mulltiple psychologists were needed in differed ways ***teacher wearing camo today Thus, apply what we know to… children, schools employment/work; factories, offices (IO=industrial organization psych) soldier selection (IQ) criminal justice system: psychologists should act as experts in a case immigration Harry Levi Hollingworth PhD from Cattell; husband of Leta vocational psychology – individuals suited to jobs based on traits, aptitudes & attitudes; what are the problems of selecting people into certain jobs supplement his teaching salary ****cocoa cola trials workshops to advertising agents behavioural effects of caffeine, start of psychopharmacological research: he was asked to do a study b/c cocoa cola was a controlled substance; they wanted to know the actual effects of cocoacola (the courts wanted to know this); he found that it wasnt as bad as the gov suggested Granville Stanley Hall **in the text he is said to be a functionalist; he is thought by a teacher to be applied religious/evious, adventurous; it is debated if he was prejudice 1st U.S. PhD, founded American Journal of Psych, Journal of Applied Psych, 1st APA Prez. genetic development (stages), children; developmental psychologist recapitulation theory – evolving human race reflected in child psych development (sex?); start as low level undeveloped (from apes and savages and having no language) he also looked at old age and retirement; thinkng that we shouldnt have retirement ontogeny=the history of an individual phylogeny=history of a species coined “storm and stress”: describe adolescence (characterized by conflics with parents, mood disruptions, and risky behaviour) Francis Cecil Sumner 1st African American PhD in US he put his PhD on hold to serve in the military where he learned many languages and then made money translating articles higher education of black students (backdrop of segregation), indep Dept. of Psych at Howard Univ. his own work: perception, advertising, psychology of religion, equality and justice between Black's and White's James McKeen Cattell egotistical, difficult, experimental drug use (ex THC), fired from university political, administrator, ambassador: union for Proffs (AAUP), founded Psychological Review & edited many others, against the draft Founded Psychological Corporation – this corporation hired PhD's to go and consult, test for industry trained many grad students (woodworth, thorndike) Functionalist: others say he was applied mental tests - large groups, human individual diff.’s in sensorimotor abilities (from Galton) compared to intellectual ability = few correlations his daughter was named Psyche he coined mental tests (possibly) Intelligence testing Alfred Binet: French applied psychologist Mental tests (beyond Galton and Cattell)– “complex superior processes, not elementary ones”… looked at kids: memory, attention, motor ability, and judgment, comprehension, reasoning Mental age – the age of average ability for certain tasks (Binet-Simon scales) Simon an
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