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PSYC 312
Andrea Perrino

History of Psych Notes – Psychoanalysis The Influences 1. The possibility, influence of the unconscious Leibnitz –Herbart, Fechner; popular European discussion later adoption – U.S., Canadian interest, academics 2. Revolt of mental disorder treatment and study away from inhumane, & somatic toward talk therapy; used in U.S. religions Mesmer’s curing the mind via magnetism, hypnosis use of electrotherapy – passing currents for circulation 3. Sexuality - openness during 19th century Vienna prostitution, pornography, other academics analyzing childhood sexuality, personal discussions The influential unconscious.. NOT… experimentation, BUT clinical observation animals, or normal adults BUT “abnormal” human beh. sensation, S-R BUT unconscious possible to introspect BUT beyond self-awareness free will BUT predetermined mental events, & unconscious motives treatment BUT inquiry, understanding Sigmund Freud desired recognition, fr. medicine/neurophysiology, impersonal The scandals: Ernest Jones – accurate cocaine use – experimented, treatment, usage spread; criticized U.S. culture, personal sexuality & attraction, jealousy, neuroses; Influenced By… 1. Josef Breuer: studying, and methods of treating hysteria hypnosis and revelation – the cathartic method; possibility of transference Freud altered…not everyone hypnotizable, or not cured/other symptoms arise; thus, simply use “free association” 2. Jean Martin Charcot – explanation of emotional problems, neurosis have basis in genitalia/sexuality observed/attended to sexual content in reports child seduction theory -reports of occurrence/fantasies/changed for acceptable to academic community? 3. evolutionary theories lack of rationality in beh - symbolism, dreams child development – stages, sexual drive drives – hunger, love/procreation, self-preservation The content, the method… Mental compositions 1. conscious 2. unconscious ; comprised of Id/ “it” =primitive instincts/drives: thanatos, eros, libido, aggression, to gain satisfaction Ego/ “I” = caught between, controls instincts, rational, protect Superego/“above/over I”= values, morality, proper beh., norms …anxiety from conflicts in unconscious leads to reduction via defence mechanisms psychosexual stages of development: oral, anal, phallic (Oedipus, Electra, penis envy), latency, genital; related to personality, relationship function, & beh. Study of unconscious/psychoanalysis: case study – detailed descriptions, long-term Freudian slip – revelation of unconscious via lapse in speech or forgetting dream recall and interpretation Manifest content vs Latent Criticized…. and thus change: Neo-Freudians Not systematic, quantifiable, “real” reported data? No choices/free will? Healthy people personalities? Women need a penis? ….the changes to the system: simply, operationalize, experimental study expanded “ego” – independent, functions separate from serving Id social/environmental primary to personality development Anna Freud ego’s defence mechanisms- termed, clarity and detail “The Ego and Mechanisms of Defence” analysis for children, study and treatment must be different than adults Carl Gustav Jung Tumultuous solitary childhood, turn inward; promiscuous, travelled extensively (cross-cultural interest) psychiatry, devlp’d own work before meeting Freud, drawn to F. dream work, to be propagandist, but conflict & dissolve resulted disagreed on many aspects (Oedipus, libido, stages, sex as primary to personality..), methods of psychotherapy Analytical Psychology (volumes) Unconscious Personal- once conscious, now suppressed/forgotten/irrelevant; easily recalled Complexes – affects/perceptions = distort beh responses Collective – cumulate
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