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PSYC 312
Andrea Perrino

Intro to History of Psychology… Why Study This Stuff? Why study this stuff? Rationale.. common requirement historical focus unique area of specialization reflect/utilize in psychology career avoid mistakes, improve existing research healthy skepticism anticipate future directions Rationale for studying history of psychology recognizes diversity synthesizes disparate elements integrates topics emphasizes relationships that make the whole area cohesive understand origins of jargon and technologies trace ideas and developments appreciation people, events and experiences links characters to classical theories, schools, thought interesting and exciting gain perspective Data and History History = interpretive study of events of the past Historiography= “the principles, methods, and philosophical issues of historical research” Where does the data come from? Self-documented Witnesses media Written, photos, newspapers, auditory, equipment/apparatus, personal effects Is it accurate? Not necessarily…it could be: Lost, Altered, suppressed, ignored, distorted, self-serving adaptation, bias THUS, we use multiple sources and accept that this is all we have.. Approaches to scientific history 1. Personalistic theory 2. Naturalistic theory 3. Historical development Understanding History = Understanding Contextual Forces The zeitgeist: “the intellectual and cultural climate or spirit of the times.” (economic, war, prejudice..present infuences) Schools of thought ; the evolution of modern psychology School of th
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