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Frances Chen

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Psyc 314: patient provider relationships shifts in health care:  Wider range of health care providers  ‘consumerist’patients  Increasing use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) there are now more health care professionals in the health care system patients are increasingly become consumerist- they want a say in what is happening, they shop around for doctors. increased use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM): masages, acupuncture. This gives people more time with their provider. Many people dont tell they actual doctor that they are using a herbal remedy which might interact with medication prescribed shifts in health care system causes fragmented health care medical home: have all things in a centralized place. You go to your doctor who sends you to a more specific practitioner if need be--this keeps all of your records in one place what do you expect from your doctor? Professional expertise  Availability  Likeable personality  Trustworthy  Friendly  Not intimidating  Interpersonal skills  E.g. listens and clarifies  Adjusts to patient’s needs knowledgable, well connected, available Communication problems:  Not listening  Directing conversation  Excessive use of jargon  Baby talk  Elderspeak  Nonperson treatment  Patient stereotypes biases, stereotypes (cultures, gender), directing conversation (once you mention something they ask followup questions), excessive use of jargon, talking to people and kids like they dont know anything (adjusting their language for people but in an inappropriate way), nonperson treatment (focus on the problems and doesnt take a lot of time talking to you. You havent ha a conversation on a personal level) there are very few feedback mechanisms for physicians. It is hard for doctors to adjust how they are doing something because they are not getting any feedback Patient contributions:  Patient characteristics  Neuroticism  Anxiety  Linguistic barriers  Patient perceptions of important symptoms  Withholding information lie or skip things if they are embarrassed about them, patients dont always know what symptoms they should be focusing on, highly neurotic patients over analyze their symptoms, anxious patients may not be able to accurately tell their doctor whats wrong, linguistic barriers concequences of communication problems:  More adverse events  Less use of services in the future  More CAM use  Reduced likelihood of reporting it  More future communication problems  Worse adherence more adverse events, people are less likely to see a service provider if they feel there wasn't good communication and they will be more likely to use CAM,worse adherence (if you dont understand what it is you are supposed to do, you wont stick to the treatment) adherence: the extent to which a persons behaviour--taking medication, following a diet, and or executing lifestyle changes, corresponds with agreed recommendations from a health care provider things we know about adherence:  People are quite nonadherent  Range from 10% - 90%  Worldwide, about 50%  Higher for some disorders than others  High: HIV, arthritis, cancer  Low: diabetes, sleep disorders, pulmonary disease  More complex instructions = lower adherence  Type of recommendations matter people are bad at it it is higher for some disorders: HIV, arthritis, cancer it is lower for some disorders: diabetes, sleep disorders, pulmonary disease more complex inst
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