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Frances Chen

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psyc 314: health behaviour interventions part 2 Graph from last class: its better over the long term to administer it by print at 6 months telephone and print are exercising more than the control condition the people who receive print continue to gain benefits from increased exercise at 12 months there is no difference between the control and telephone condition this goes against the researchers hypothesis they think that print is better because it gives them more to remember; they can go back and look at it in the long run--you can read it and re-review it (the materials are more permanent which causes a longer lasting effect) Research study: TV watching and Obesity • Faith et al., Pediatrics, 2001 • Obese children who watch > 2 hr/day of TV • Intervention: stationary bike + TV set -either linked or non-linked • Outcomes: TV watching % body fat Faith: looked at obese seditary kids (obese who watch at least 2 hrs or more of TV per day) they wanted to try and get kids to be physically active every kid was given an exercise bike they created a contingency system where the bike was connected to the tv and in order to watch tv you had to petal they wanted to know if it was impotant to have a reward system so they had 2 conditions (bike connected to TV or bike non-linked to the TV) they looked at them over a 12 week period Outcomes: TV watching and % body fat Results for TV watching: huge drop in TV watching when they are in the experimental group (bike linked to TV) they go from about twenty hours of TV per week to less than five Results for exercise: experimental group shows a significantly greater decrease in body fat over the time frame of the experiment Spectrum program: • Vegan, plant-based diet -except egg whites & nonfat dairy -no oils, <10% of calories from fat -sugar, salt, alcohol in moderation is ok • Exercise -3-6 times per week -30-60 minutes each time • Social support • Stress management (relaxation, breathing, meditation) a diet plus other interventions diet is intense--vegan based diet (all protein from beans and grains) the goal is to get less than 10% of your calories from fat in combination to the diet they exercise as well and try to get people exercising 30 mines 3-6 times per week in addition to these, they run social support group as a means to communicate better there is also a stress management aspect the biggest emphasis is on the diet diet philosophy: • Low in fat -<10% compared to 20-35% gov’t recommended • Low in cholesterol -10mg compared to 300mg gov’t recommended • Lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, soy • Unrestricted calories  diet is low in fat (lower than daily recomended value from gov't)  low in cholesterol (less than in the daily recommended amount for americans)  lots of fruit, veggies, whole grains, soy  emphasis is on what you are consuming, not how much  if you are eating within these rules (10 mg of cholesterol, <10% fat), you can have as many calories as you would like can you change disease through health behaviour intervention? • Ornish et al., Journal of theAmerican Medical Association, 1998 • Patients with moderate to severe CHD • Intervention or Usual medical care for 1 year • Outcome: 5 year follow-up of stenosis & cardiac events ornish: patients who already had moderate to severe coronary heart disease looked at the above dietary intervention this intervention did not use any implimentation of drugs and having just life style changes compared the experimental group to usual medical care group for one year they received this intervention and then followed them up at 5 years outcomes: looked over time how much blockage increased in their artery (stenosis) results: 5 year outcome of stenosis (the %
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