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PSYC 314
Frances Chen

Psyc 314 prof Edith Chen Website: username: healthpsych Password: 314students what is health psych? Psychosocial factors that affect staying healthy; what are the behaviours that we want people to be doing, and how do we get them to do them in order to get/maintain healthy? Psychosocial factors that affect why some people get sick; what causes people to be vulnerable to diseases/illness Psychological responses to being sick; how does having a terminal illness effect yourself and those around you both mentally and physically; do your social networks effect how you are getting sick? Models of illness: biomedical: if you are sick there is something physiologically wrong with you that can be fixed. Illness is entirely caused by some abnormality in ones physiology biopsychosocial: biology is important; however it is not the only factor, we need to look at what is inside a person (their thoughts, emotions), and how society interacts with those things Example: Psychological factors that affect why people get sick How to experimentally test control? -Schulz, J Personality & Social Psych, 1976 Nursing home setting Receiving visits from students for a 2 month period Participants: older people in a nursing home; they had weekly visits from students who were trying to improve their health by visiting them with the hopes that this would give the older people something to look forward to and allow them to visit with people who are full of energy. The experimental Groups: Control: routine visits. Change in predictability (the older person knew when
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