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PSYC 314
Frances Chen

Psyc 314 Stress and Health Jan 12, 2012 Types of Stressful events: Daily hassles: day to day annoyances which don’t have a huge effect on our life Interpersonal: Social/family relationships Work/school: stress in the achievement related domain Neighbourhood: Dealing with situations in a neighbourhood. Ex. exposure to violence Traumatic events: ex. terrorism Violence andAsthma: -Wright,Am J Pub Health, 2004 Kids 5-12 with asthma Caretakers interviewed about violence exposure in the neighbourhood Asking caretakers "to what extent has your child..." # of days in previous 2 weeks with: Wheezing sleep disturbance because of asthma disruption of activities because of asthma Results: linear relationship with violence exposure and asthma. (+) correlation between the two Terrorism and Cardiovascular reactivity: - Gump, Health Psych, 2005 Children age 9 living 500 km away from New York City in 2001 Children completed acute laboratory stress task -mirror tracing -reaction time Cardiovascular reactivity monitored Kids come in to lab and do acute stress tests (mirror tracing test: you need to trace/redraw something with only looking at a mirror image of the shape) After 9/11 they took the kids in again and tested them again They took the first tests in the summer and therefore an added stress could be that the kids were back in school and that could add to their stress. To address this issue, they tested them one year later Results: 9/11 increased stress responses. Immediately after 9/11 had the greatest physiological stress response Dimensions of stressful events: Valence: whether it is positive, neutral, or negative, and how negative Controllability: how much of an event is up to you, under your control. The more control you have the less stressful it is Clarity: how ambiguous is the event. The more ambiguous an event is, the more one has to work to figure it out and understand it, making ambiguous events worse Overload: if you already feel like you have too much to do and too little time you are going to be more stressful Centrality: an event which you are central too.An event in a domain which is central to your life How stress is studied: Laboratory paradigms to measure acute stress: evaluate the person in the moment of stressful events. Ex. making someone speak publically Questionnaire: measures about major life events Inter
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