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PSYC 320
Sunaina Assanand

Psyc 320 Lecture 66 By the end of today’s class you should be able to: 1. Generate global examples of gender based exploitation, violence, and oppression 2. Discuss global efforts to eliminate gender-based exploitation, violence, and oppression 3. Define gender development index (GDI) and gender empowerment measure (GEM) 4. Discuss Canada’s relative ranking on the GDI and GEM 5. Identify action that you may take against gender based exploitation, violence, and oppression Final exam: 20% of final grade. Total /50. 20 Multiple choice. Short answer questions ranging from 2-8 points. On chapters: 11 (p. 294-299), 13, 14, 15, 16 What forms of exploitation, violence, and oppression occur within and beyond Canada’s borders: Rwanda: Males were subject to sex-selective massacre by the “genocidaires” (Carpenter, 2006). “Genocidaires” sex selection massacres. Death whether or not they were civilian or military. Males were gunned down whether or not they were involved in the movement, just because they were males. After the war 70% of the Rwandan population was female. “The opening blast of the genocide was accompanied by an injunction not to repeat the ‘mistake’ of the 1959 revolution, when male children had been spared only to return as guerilla fighters” (Jones, 2001). Saudi Arabia: Females are not permitted to drive and cannot travel without the permission of a male guardian (Slavin, 2009). Females are not permitted to drive and they are not allowed to leave the country without permission from a male guardian (women are actively fighting these laws) Turkey: Each year, at least 200 females are the victims of honour killings (Moore, 2001). Honor Killings: more frequent females (most often male family member, will premeditate a plan and kill another person in the family who has brought shame upon her family—often through sexually inappropriate behaviour). The UN estimates there are 5000 honour killings a year (Kristof & WuDunn, 2009). Ukraine: More than 70% of unemployed individuals are female. Hundreds of thousands of unemployed females have been transported to the West; one-fifth have sex trafficked (Kutova, 2000). Women have to live abroad in order to seek employment (many of these women end up being trafficked into the sex trade) US: 22% of women who report that their age at first intercourse was less than 15 indicate that it was not voluntary (Lips, 2006). Yugoslavia: Adolescent and adult males were subject to summary execution, forced conscription into military service, rape, and sexual mutilation. Forced conscription of the males into military service (males are expected to serve their country and
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