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Lecture 6

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PSYC 320
Sunaina Assanand

Psyc 320 lecture 65 By the end of today’s class you should be able to: 1. Generate global examples of gender-based exploitation, violence, and oppression 2. Discuss global efforts to eliminate gender based exploitation, violence and oppression What forms of exploitation, violence, and oppression occur within and beyond Canada’s borders? (Cont.) Afghanistan: moral crimes today have resulted in 400 women being put in prison. These crimes show women’s effort to leave a situation of battery or trying to leave a forces marriage (they are trying to flee a situation in which they are experiencing intimate partner crimes). The government does not support these convictions; however, they are not taking the appropriate efforts to overturn the ruling putting them in prison. 400 females are currently imprisoned for “moral crimes” (i.e., refusing marriage, fleeing spousal assault; BBC News, 2012). Bangladesh: many women are the victims of acid attacks (involves a suitor who has been rejected throwing acid on the face of a female in an attempt to disfigure her in an attempt to make it so the female is unable to marry anyone else causing the female to be outcast from society and causing economic hardship). The government has laws against acid attacks (the death penalty); however, to date, no one has gotten the death penalty for this crime. Each year, hundreds of Banladeshi females, most between 11 and 20 years of age, are the victims of acid attacks (Anwar, 1997). Canada: sex trafficking which dates back many decades. Some researchers suggest that this is increasing across time. Domestic sex trafficking of aboriginal females is very common. International sex trafficking: The forced migration of individuals for the purposes of forced labour or forced sex work. Domestic sex trafficking of aboriginal females is an increasing problem (Arthur, 2009). With respect to international sex trafficking, RCMP estimates suggest that 600-800 individuals are smuggled into Canada each year (Arthur, 2009). Globally, 600,000-800,000 people are trafficked each year; conservative estimates indicate that 3 million people are currently enslaved (Kristof & WuDunn, 2009). China: sex selection—pregnancies are terminated as a consequence of the sex of the child. Many more males are in China when compared to the ratio of other countries. Through ultrasounds they find out the sex of the fetus and if they find out if it is a female they get an abortion. Infanticide: once the girl is born they kill her because she is female. Young girls are not taken to the doctor or the hospital and they are not retrieving all the nutrition they need. The son is thought t
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