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University of British Columbia
PSYC 320
Sunaina Assanand

Psyc 320 Lecture 36 People dont have sex with their friends because of the emotional bond, audience challenge, and they dont want to lose their relationship with the person Research regarding friendships who are bisexual, or gay Very little research Research does show similarities: friendship network size (same amount of friends; however friendship is seen as more valuable for gay/lesbian/bi persons because they need support more so from their friends than their family); desired characteristics (wanting to have friends who are similar to them in sex, age, etc. One exception is with sexual orientation. Most lesbian and gay people have more gay friends than they do bi or heterosexual. Bisexual people have more heterosexual friends than they do bi or gay friends) Differences: sex differences in disclosure and shared activity are not significant in gay/lesbian friendships; relationship conflict are not observed in friendships among gay males and lesbians research shows that gender norms do not form in persons who identify as gay/lesbian emotional bond challenge and sexual challenge are present in same-sex friendships among gay and lesbians among bi persons they experience sexual challenge with both same sex and cross sex friendships Romantic relationships: Bulk of research on people who are heterosexual Evolutionary psyc shows that females seek men who have resours
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