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PSYC 320
Sunaina Assanand

Psyc 320 Lecture 34 Barriers to closeness associated with the male gender role: (A) competition: male friendships are characterized by gender competition than female friendships. Schneider at al. (2005) identified 3 types of competition: 1. hyper-competition: goal is to win; characterized by feelings of hostility and disregard for others. Showing power and superiority 2. non-hostile social comparison: goal is to assess one's performance in relation to others 3. enjoyment competition: goal is positive affect (ex. pleasure) Schneider et al. found that: 1. males scored higher than females on all forms of competition; females scored higher than males on "avoidance of competition" 2. hyper-competition was associated with reduced friendship quality among males and females 3. non-hostile social comparison and enjoyment competition were associated with greter friendship quality among males, but reduced friendship quality among females (B) Homophobia: refers to a fear of homosexuality or a fear of being perceived as homosexual Delvin and Cowan (1985); Bank and Hansford (2000): found that homophobia among males is negatively correlated with trust, expressions
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