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PSYC 320
Sunaina Assanand

Psyc 320 Lecture 35 Female-as-opener hypothesis: both sexes disclose more to females than males because they perceive females as more supportive confidantes, they see females as more sympathetic and better sexes to disclose to. This could be wrong because it has been shown that people go to males when their problem is about work, school, etc. and go to females when their problems are about relationships. Reciprocity hypotheses: Both sexes disclose more to females than males due to reciproity of self-disclosure. Females disclose more than males and their high self disclosure elicits their partners self disclosure. Males disclose less than females, and their low self disclosure inhibits their partners self disclosure. Males experience more variability across their same sex and cross sex friendships. This shows that males are not incapable for engaging in self disclosure, which shows changes in gender, not sex differences. In cross sex friendships males benefit from: meaningful interaction; being able to unload one's problems; obtaining greater esteem support (female friends provide more reassurance in the males capabilities); greater emotional support; males find cross sex friendships more rewarding Benefits females might report from cross sex friendships: no co-rumination (releif from dwelling on one's problems); a releif from the intensity o
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