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Psyc 320 lecture 38.doc

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PSYC 320
Sunaina Assanand

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Psyc 320: Lecture 38 2. Lee's Theory of Love Style Research On the varying love styles. Women report more frequently than males that they take a more practical, more organized approach to finding and coosing a mate (evolutionary explanation-looking for resources). Women report more storge than males, in that they have a more friendship type love. Males report more ludus, game playing love (evolutionary explanation-looking for multiple mates), and agape (stereotype of men being the saviour and protector of women) Research on sex similarities or differences about how men and women hold sexual beliefs. Romantic beliefs scale: Love finds a way (relationships will overcome challanges), One and only true love (there is only one perfect person for everyone), Idealization of partner (thinking about your partner and relationship as perfect), Love at first sight Males more likely than females to hold romantic beliefs (idealization of partner and love at first sight) which contradicts the male gender role stereotypes **make study where you first find out the gender (masculine, feminine, androgonyous) and then see their sexual interests... Strategies femles and males use to maintain romantic relationships? Books about relationship maintenance focused towards females Studies: Canary and stafford: used 5 different maintence strategies asked married couples to keep daily diary to document how much they used the 5 strategies 5 items: division of tasks, positivity
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