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PSYC 320
Sunaina Assanand

psyc 320 Lecture 41 masters and johnson: sought persons with higher SES, higher education, and excluded african americans. Women are less likely to experience orgasm and masturbate (both of which were qualifications for the study) causing the women in the study to be extremely unrepresentative what methods do researchers use to study human sexuality: self report data typically employed (much concern with the date) 1. inaccurate recall of events: challenge recalling the details in an accurate fashion 2. inaccurate estimation of frequencies: 3. biased samples: people atypical in nature, younger age with which they had sexual intercorse, and more varied sex life. (uncomfortable subject for many people) 4. socially desirable responding: responding dishonorably in order to abide by gender roles. Males overestimate sexual experience and females underestimate their sexual experience to align themselves with their gender roles are there sex differences in attitudes about sex? different meta analysis from the text book, done by the same person 1. peterson and hyde: much more similarities with how they regard sex between the genders; the differences that did arise were consistent with gender roles extramarital sex: both sexes disapprove, intercourse--engaged (having intercourse with someone you are engaged with), homosexuality: lesbians, masturbation (decreased across time, significant increase in females), acceptability of double standard (more accepting of males sexuality. Males slightly endorse this more than females), premarital sex (males endorse more than females), intercourse--committed (females endorse more), homosexuality: gay men (women are more accepting, have more positive view of them), anxiety fear guilt as a consequesce of sexual activity (females
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