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PSYC 320
Sunaina Assanand

Psyc 320 Lecture 40 bulk of research on heterosexual couples research findings:reluctance of homosexuals to partiipate b/c homosexuality use to be seen as a disease. May not have representative sample b/c of the (-) view of gay people only those who are willing to face the stigmatization they will experience (a) characteristics desired in a mate: lesbians and gays place more emphasis on internal attributes (ex. being kind) similar to heterosexual persons. Gay males and heterosxual males are more interested in having physically attractive partners. Gay females do not emphasize resourceh potential as much as heterosexual women do (lesbians make more money in the workforce than straight women so maybe they dont have a greater need for those resources). The emphasis on resource potential is not innate for women, instead there is something in the dynamic of the male-female-sexual relationship which provokes this attribute. Similar to heterosexual persons; people with same sex attractions seek people who are similar to themselves; however, there is a smaller pool of potential mates causes a reduced matching of personalities and greater matching of social status. (b) Experience of love: lesbians report more intimacy (perceived closeness to partner) in their relationship than gay and straight couples. Gay and lesbian couples experience greater autonomy (having a life outside of their partner) than straight couples (c) relationship maintenence strategies: particularly pronounced in lesbian relationships is equitable division of tasks. This could be because gender roles arent the determinant of who does what. Gay men divide the tasks, gay females take turns doing specific tasks. Many gay people gain more support from friends than they do their family in relationships (d) factors that determne relationship satisfaction: comporable levels of satisfaction among hetero and homosexuals. They have similar decline in satisfaction. Gender roles manifest in gay couples--femininity really great for relationships
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