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University of British Columbia
PSYC 320
Sunaina Assanand

Psyc 320 Lecture 42 Are there sex differences in the desire for sex: 99% of males enjoy sex. 91% of women enjoy sex Explanations that have been offered to account for lower levels of sexual desire among females than males: 1) self-report biases: females might under report their sexual desire in order to fulfil their gender role 2) excessive emphasis on sexual arousal vs. emotional intimacy: the definition of sexual desire is focused on physiological arousal opposed to other aspects of sexual desire (ie. intimacy), if the definition included all aspects of sexual desire there may not be that sex difference 3) biological factors (ex. hormones, visible anatomical signals of arousal): females have 1 tenth the testosterone that males do. Once women hit menopause they have a decrease in their testosterone level and have lower level of sexual arousal. Women may not have as high of sexual arousal b/c of decreased testosterone. Male penile erection may act as a signal to obviously show men that they are sexually aroused 4) social and cultural factors (ex. shame, guilt, embarrassment due to the double standard; body esteem; childcare; unwanted pregnancy; fear associated with sexual violence): gender role expectations. Females may have less sexual desire due to the host of negative experienced linked to sexual experience among males.Adolescent males associate many positive outcomes with having sex; females associate many negative outcomes with having sex. Reduced body esteem could cause females to feel ashamed with exposing their bodies to others feeling as though they aren't fitting in with the stereotype with how they should look. Sexual violence is glorified toward women in our society; women are more likely to experience sexual violence. Females are m
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