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University of British Columbia
PSYC 320
Sunaina Assanand

Psyc 320 Lecture 46 what sex differences in education have been found in other countries? Globally 75 million fewer girls attend school. Girls are systemattically denied to achieve enducation in some parts of the world. Young girls who are educated lead better lives (and their kids lead better lives) Parents in developing countries often put sons into school instead of daughters b/c the son will ultimately be caring for their aging parents and girls will leave home and live with their husband/they take their wealth away from the home In our society women are primarily teachers/ in developmental countries women aren't often educated and therefore less likely to be teachers (there is a need to female teachers as role models for young girls in the achievement of an education) how do females and males divide occupational and domestic labour? females outperform males in school; males outperform females in the workforce shift in which women are represented in workforce context; today 48% of those working in our society are women Canada has the most women in the workforce around the globe Those women who are working have children; which provides a struggle given their stereotype as primary caregiver Females in the workforce are increasing; male in the workforce have been decreasing; today peoples in the workforce are equal Males have higher rate of unemploy
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