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PSYC 320
Sunaina Assanand

psyc 314 lecture 45 what factors contribute to sex differences in educationl attainment? gender role expectations associated with the female gender role linked to self discipline and linked to the delay of attaining gratification, obedience, conformity: all of which are associated with cultivating a better student 70% of request for assistance from their teachers or peers come from girls (associated with female gender role because they are "weak"; male gender role doesnt allow boys to ask for help because that would make them seem weak) Femininity is associated with positive educational outcomes/achievement Femininity is strongly correlated with GPAacross subjects for both sexes (in both females and males who are feminine) Girls with learning disabilities are less likely to express those disabilities to their teachers in order to be seen as the ideal student and then they internalize those problems which could lead to the higher levels among depression among females Females have higher external locus of control: they feel that powerful others have the power to determine what happens in their life. External locus of control is associated with depression School environments that punish characteristics associated with the male gender role: researchers found that between 70-90% of disciplinary statements made in the classroom are directed at boys Teachers direct more questions at boys Both of the above are seen as a way for teachers to contol boys by reprimanding them and asking them questions in order to keep them engaged. Both positive and negative attention is directed at boys and therefore cause for less attention is directed towards girls. Majority of students who need special attention and education are boys; and there
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