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PSYC 320
Sunaina Assanand

psyc 320 Lecture 44 do sexes perform similarly in school? Large disparity: persons of european discent obtain more university degrees than other minority groups (aftican americans and hispanic); in all of these groups though women obtain higher numbers of degrees sex segregation in disciplines of study; reflecting what is shown in early education. Girls encouraged in languages and arts and boys encouraged to math and science Female dominated studies: education, recreational and counselling services, fine arts, humanities (english, history), social sciences (psyc) Engineering 6:1 ratio of men to women Females and males obtain same number of science degrees: women more in biological sciences and males in physics and applied sciences 2009: 74% female in dentistry, 80% in land and food systems the "boy Crisis" arguing that males are being underserved in the educational system the ideal student is seen as female/feminine causing boys and masculinity to be seen as a disadvantage in the school system against the boy crisis: both males and females are increasing in education; however this increase is more dramatic than males. Both are improving but women are improving more factors that contribute to sex differences in educational attainment: large number of programs designed to improve females educational
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