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PSYC 320
Sunaina Assanand

psyc 320 Lecture 43 are there sex diferences in sexual behaviour? 2. females show greater intra-individual variation in sexuality across time than males females=greater masturbation across lifespan (participants were in their elderly years; retrospective study and self report) and no change for males along the lifespan For every 100 males who describe themselves as gay 40 of them take on the term of bisexual. Females are more-so Couples who swing (group sex; or extramarital sex which has been agreed upon by the couple) females adapt more easily than males Lesbians indicate they have meaningful heterosexual relationship more often than gay males Lesbians more likely to say that they chose to be gay than men Prison studies show that females engage in more concentual same sex activities than males Explanations for higher erotic plasticity among females than males: 1. greater male power: requires that females accommodate and adapt to male desires. Based on structural differences in power heirarchies. Males have greater physical strength and more political power; males earn more money than females. Females then have to adapt themselves to the status quo of the individuals with power. Status is an important indicator for who has to adapt. This suggests that the lack of adaptability among males is not due to their inability but because they have a higher status of power 2. the female sexual script: associated with "refusal to acceptance". Females are the gatekeepers of sexual relationships. In majority of societies males are more readily able to have sex; males fall in love more quickly; therefore men quicker to want to have sex. Women have to change from thinking no I dont want to have sex; to yes I want to have sex. Females make the decision when to have sex in the relationship. Males are ready to have sex sooner. Women enable to transition from non- to sexual relationship. The script for females in our society involving a shift from no to yes 3. differential sex drive: females have a milder and, therefore, more malleable sex drive than males. Females sex drive can readily change channels due to their weaker sex drive **this could be caused by womens suppression of sexuality over time. Womens sexuality is also more scrutinized than males which could cause this. ****4. underscores a theoretical flaw in Baumeisters reasoning: there has been greater historcal and cultural variation in the extent to which sexuality has been restrained among females than males. Due to this; baumeister's idea that females have greater malleability cannot be biological or innate in any way because males sexuality has not been restrained to the extent that females
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