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PSYC 320
Sunaina Assanand

Psyc 320 lecture 47 do females and males value similar job characteristics? Konrad's meta analysis: found that there are sex differences that happen to be very small. The highest value is in favor of males; solitude (working alone), second biggest d value favoring males (earnings; concern for their salary). Men place more emphasis on instrumental qualities and achievement related characteristics and women place emphasis on interpersonal quality of jobs (wanting to work with people, have easy commute, good supervisors and coworkers) salary expectations: males indicate higher expected salaries for both entry pay and peak pay Major and Konar: 4 components: 1. importance of ernings: females place less emphasis on earnings 2. career path factors: differing career trajectories of males and females; the field of study they choose to participate in. women expect lower pay b/c they assume they wont work full time, wont occupy the higher paying fields, and wont pursue higher degrees 3. job input factors: perhaps females devalue their work more than males; more critical of themselves. This isnt supported in the research 4. social comparison standards: most supported by research! perhaps women have lower expectations because their comparison group/reference group to see what they should be making is comprised of females who earn less. If you are comparin
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