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PSYC 320
Sunaina Assanand

Psychology 320 Lecture 23 Social Cognitive Theory: Models have a significant influence on behaviour Children model themselves after individuals the same sex as them who act in gender congruent ways Bandura – observational learning has powerful effects Bandura recruited preschool aged children Bobo doll experimental group – child saw an adult act aggressively towards the doll Control group – there was no adult interaction with the doll Child in the experimental group acted in ways congruent with the ways the adult acted They found notable sex effects – male boys imitated physical aggression when their model was either male or female. Female subjects were more likely to imitate the male models when imitating physical violence because females acting in physically violent ways is incongruent with their stereotypes Models can be real or symbolic (family, those closest to us, story books, peers, superheroes, toys, tv, commercials, music videos, computer games) Groups socialization theory: peers are more important than family. In siblings what is important is what they do not share. What is important is their extracurricular activities and their peer groups Toys: Themes being portrayed to young girls are cooking, cleaning, being very beautiful, long hair, emphasis on nurturance Themes being portrayed to boys: aggression, activity, combat, workforce, co
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