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Sunaina Assanand

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Psychology 320 Lecture 25 3. Social role theory: We don’t do things as an innate difference, we do them because society has chosen those roles for us, and then we attribute the skills needed to act in that role. Occupational limitations come first which lead to the characteristics The occupations which we assign to people require either masculine or feminine characteristics Children assume they will have to occupy a role and therefore gain the characteristics that will enable to fulfill those roles Women have service occupations: where they serve someone else (they are not their own boss), these jobs include nurturance, dependence As women move into different occupations, the rate of pay for those occupation decreases (this means that women are not drawn to lower status jobs, but that the jobs they are in are devalued) Characteristics are often given to the occupation that a person has opposed to the gender of the person Homemakers are thought of as nurturing (whether it was male or female) Employees are thought of as independent (whether it was male or female) Cognitive views with gender development: These theories assume that children are much more active in their gender devel
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