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PSYC 320
Sunaina Assanand

Psychology 320 Lecture 26 2. Gender schema theory (cont.): We use sex and gender to identify things because of society’s views on the emphasis on these two variables Sex and gender are very important identifying and organizational variables Once gender schemas are formed, as a consequence of learning, we incorporate into our schemas our own self concept. We consider ourselves as a part of the schema Self fulfilling schemas: we act in regards to the schema of our gender Studies: Cherney (2005) found that children and adults were more able to remember masculine or feminine toys instead of neutral toys. This suggests that their filtering of the environment is determined by gender schemas Martin and Halverson (1983) showed children hand sketched drawings of either gender congruent behaviours or gender incongruent behaviours. They were shown 16 pictures then they were asked to identify the sex of the main character. A week later they engaged in recall – then they were asked what the age and sex was. They found that children often changed the gender of the character in the pic
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