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PSYC 320
Sunaina Assanand

Psychology 320 Lecture 28 What is gender identity disorder (cont.)? Treatment: for children: (Conversion therapy) the current methods used involve a wide array of methods including behavioural therapy (reinforcement), teaching self reinforcement and monitoring, psychoanalytic therapy (GID is more often seen in children who have parents who have had mental illness, or fathers which are not there or very distant) Treatment: for adults: there isn’t much effort undertaken to engender a feeling of commitment to one’s biological sex; instead a form of treatment comprised of three phases is recommended Triadic therapy: (person should life for 1-2 years as the gender of the opposite sex before undergoing surgery) real-life experience, (recommended no sooner than the age of 16; however, sometimes puberty blockers are given to younger kids in order to stop secondary sex characteristics of the persons biological sex) hormone treatment, (if the individual is satisfied with the hormone treatment they undergo surgical sex reassignment. It is recommended that this not happens before the age of 18) surgical sex reassignment Majority of children diagnosed with this tend to outgrow the disorder and d
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