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Lecture 16

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University of British Columbia
PSYC 320
Sunaina Assanand

Psychology 320 Lecture 16 Exam prep tips: Text book context: 25%, 12.5 marks In class, lecture: 40% 30% is overlap between the two 30 M/C and 5 short answer Text book context: STUDY FIGURES AND TABLES Lectures: Look at learning objectives 18- confounds to this study: safety issues that females experience which males do not experience  Women are less likely to go to a stranger’s house  They did a follow up study where a friend of the participant said oh no they are a really great guy or girl, you would be safe with them. And the results did not significantly differ Confounds: social norms. Female’s norms- less promiscuity Response: why would women be discouraged be less encouraged to engage in sex?  Evolutionary perspective: females have to bear children and need to pick mates which are suitable  Women have a higher parental investment in children 19- males are less discriminating and seek more partners than females Buss and Schmitt:  Asked people how many sex partners they would like to have within a given time  Males wanted substantially more partners  Replicated in 52 other countries 21- sex differences in mate preference:  Females would be attracted to males who can provide resources- industriousness, ambition, etc.  Males would seek women who appear to be fertile- attractiveness (a cue that a mate would be able to successfully reproduce), youth Buss and Angleitner: had people rate qualities they thought were important
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