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University of British Columbia
PSYC 331
Don Dutton

th Psyc 331 Nov 13 NOTES THEORIES OF VIOLENT RAGE Gill/Harris cited Hitler as someone they looked up to and Hitler cited the Armenian Genocide as his inspiration; this is who they identified with and saw as heroic If we select a violent hero then it is more easily explained why we are violent Sociobiology: social contract-you won’t be violent to people if they do not provoke you violently (this contract is enforced through laws and regulations); everyone has a capacity for this violence and is associated with survival (an innate part of the human condition) Identity psychology: part of psych which developed out of psychoanalysis; we form a sense of self early on and in some people this sense of self isn’t formed properly which makes them vulnerable to threats of their identity; this makes them respond more severely to threats of self VERLINDEN ET AL. RISK FACTORS FOR SCHOOL SHOOTERS NEWMAN ET AL: RAMPAGE 1) Felt like an outcast in relevant groups NEWMAN ET AL 2004 Shooters had fewer friends, those they do have are also outcasts People who commit suicide are often friends with more influential people TRAUMATIZED History of abuse PSYCHOPATHIC Eric Harris-one of the columbine shooters MARC LEPINE Killed 14 women This wasn’t his real name; he changed it because he didn’t want to be associated with his father MARC LEPINE: A CLASSIC LOSER Father was jealous and abusive to his wife and Marc Identification with the aggressor: People who find themselves faced with an uncontrollable stressor in their life begin to try and look at the world through the abusers eyes in order to try to avoid abuse; a result of this is that they begin to adopt these views as their own MARC LEPINE He wanted to
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