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18 Apr 2012

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- Cultural assumption that all people are sexual; universal part of human experience
- Orientation
o Someone who doesn’t experience sexual attraction; lacking interest desire for sex/sexuality
Still have desires for touch, may have physiological arousal (non-emotional)
Can feel very alone
- Identity
o Anyone who identifies as asexual is asexual
o Asexuality is a tool to figure out oneself; not a label
- The Cake Analogy
o Group 1: Walk in, see cake eat it [Sexual people]
People that just like sex
o Group 2: Depending on situation will eat it [people w/ preconditions]
Know they only want sex in LT-relationships, etc.
May be asexual or sexual people
o Group 3: Walk in, see cake don’t eat regardless of [Asexuals]
No intrinsic desire for sex
o Grey Areas
Demisexuals; Grey-A’s – not ‘sexual’ since they don’t always want sex, but sometimes
Antisexuals think sex is morally wrong;gross (small group of asexuals)
Asexuality vs. Celibacy
- Asexuality (orientation) lack of sexual attraction after a certain time
- Celibacy (choice) abstinence from sexual intercourse
o Not against it, but don’t want to engage in sex in the moment
- Asexuality & Celibacy are not independent constructs can overlap
o E.g. asexual people may have sex if partner wants it; still identify as asexual
David asexual orientation ~14
- Friends, people, etc. talking about it confused needed to figure out self w/o sexuality
- 4 years to figure out that asexuality was ok
o Didn’t want other asexuals to feel stigmatized/confused website large pop’n of varying
Cole tried to identify self as ‘hetero’ ‘homo’ ‘bisexual still felt wrong
The Asexual Community (AVEN)
- Only way that people used to find ‘asexual’ identity was to google ‘asexual’
- 2004 Bogaert Study: ~1% of human pop’n may be asexual media blitz
- 2009 successful change to change DSM definition of ‘hyposexual desire disorder’
- 2011 AAW documentary
- Some asexual individuals identify w/ a romantic orientation
o Hetero-, homo-, bi-romantic
Higher rate of non-hetero-romantic than bi-romantic & homo-romantic
Like a person w/ personality traits, regardless of gender
- Asexual sexual organs don’t matter
o Aromantic someone who does not desire a romantic relationship; communities of friends/family
are good enough
Desire for intimacy, but less/desire to have relationships
May be sexual & aromantic
- Sexual relationship sexual component
- Romantic relationship feelings of commitment, intense love, caring, etc.
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