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PSYC 350
Jason Winters

ASEXUALITYCultural assumption that all people are sexual universal part of human experienceOrientation o Someone who doesnt experience sexual attraction lacking interest desire for sexsexuality asexualityorgStill have desires for touch may have physiological arousal nonemotionalCan feel very aloneIdentity o Anyone who identifies as asexual is asexual o Asexuality is a tool to figure out oneself not a labelThe Cake Analogy o Group 1 Walk in see cakeeat it Sexual peoplePeople that just like sex wo Group 2 Depending on situationwill eat itpeoplepreconditionsKnow they only want sex in LTrelationships etcMay be asexual or sexual people o Group 3 Walk in see cakedont eat regardless ofAsexualsNo intrinsic desire for sex o Grey AreasDemisexuals GreyAsnot sexual since they dont always want sex but sometimes doAntisexualsthink sex is morally wronggrosssmall group of asexuals Asexuality vs CelibacyAsexuality orientationlack of sexual attraction after a certain timeCelibacy choiceabstinence from sexual intercourse o Not against it but dont want to engage in sex in the momentAsexualityCelibacy are not independent constructscan overlap o Eg asexual people may have
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