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May 8 & May 10_Physiology Primer, History of Perception and Structure of Eyes.docx

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James Hyman

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I. Physiology Primer 1. Evolution and Psychology  Lamarckian Evolution: first coherent evolutionary theory (1815) o argued that animals change overtime, due to the force of the environment (animal changes to adapt the environment) o use or disuse of characteristics o Soft inheritance—traits acquired during their life time passed on to their offspring this is wrong! (In fact, the DNA itself doesn’t change, but how the DNA is being read and the proteins are constantly changing-- environment can help set up the functioning of existing genes.) Q: which part exactly is wrong? Is “animal change overtime due to the force of the environment wrong??  Darwinian Evolution: On the Origin of Species (1859) o Environmental influence: natural selection-survival of the fittest! o common ancestor: more complex from simpler o only inherited traits are passed on  Importance of evolution to psychology and neuroscience: 1) Shared traits between species (common ancestor): We can study other species to learn about ourselves a) Modification of neural systems: Olfactory bulb (
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