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RELG 101 Lecture Notes - Taoism, Confucianism

Religious Studies
Course Code
RELG 101
Anne Murphy Jessica Main

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came in late...
-society and religion
!-religion offers prescriptions and ideals for social order, and discuss human
!relations at length, but the importance of society is not always the same
-while hinduism and confucianism have strong, prosocial elements
!-perfect society is the most important
-jainism, buddhism, daoism have strong anti-social elements
!there are things that are more important than society
Prior to Society: Daoist Utopias
-the ultimate referent is not society, but the cosmos
-expressed as ‘the Way (dao)’
!-an endlessly creative and adaptive living force
-education does nothing but sever your connection with the dao
!-as opposed to confucianism
-in daoism texts, you’ll see women above men, weakness as the greatest strength, and
other contrary ideas
!-ie. if you were a strong, straight tree, someone would cut you down. If you were
!a gnarled, wilted, ugly tree, you would be left to grow and dig your roots in
!-is it better to be sleeping away your time, not doing anything, or working hard at
!your daily affairs?
-can you really make your mind and body like a withered tree?
-some day we will all wake up and realize this was all a dream; the dumb believe that
this is real
-is the picture of chuang chou sleeping, a picture of him dreaming of being a butterfly, or
a butterfly dreaming of being chuang chou?
-dao is described as free, empty, happy
-not being in accord with the dao, being concerned with your social status and other
things, are your death. they take you away from this vitality
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