RELG 335 Lecture Notes - Atla Religion Database, Jewish Encyclopedia, University Of British Columbia Library

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20 Apr 2013
RELG 313:
Modern Jewish Ethics in Historical Perspective
Special Topic: Food and Judaism
Winter 201213, Term 2
Instructor: Dr. Gregg E. Gardner,
Research Topic, Question, and Bibliography: Due March 1
1. Choose a topic
Choose a topic related to Jewish food or Jewish food laws. Some suggestions include:
o Laws related to specific animals or foods (pigs, chicken, fish, wine, olives, bread, etc.)
o laws related to eating with Gentiles
o Foods associated with a specific holiday (Passover, Purim, Hanukah, the Sabbath, etc.)
o Jewish cultural foods such as bagels, deli, etc.
o You may choose to trace the evolution of a food law from the Hebrew Bible through
Hellenistic Jewish literature and classical rabbinic literature.
o Students are also strongly encouraged to formulate their own topic. In this case, please
discuss the possible topic with the instructor by February 15.
For more ideas, please consult:
o Kraemer, Jewish Eating
o Segal, Introducing Judaism
o Gil Marks, Encyclopedia of Jewish Food, 2010 (Koerner Library Reference Section)
o Berlin, Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion (2nd edition)
2. Formulate a Research Question
Based on the discussion of research topics and questions in Wayne C. Booth, et al. The Craft of
Research, 3rd edition, 2008, chapter 3 (= pp. 3550; this book is available in hard copy at
multiple UBC libraries and as an e-book through the library’s web site), please formulate a
research question for your independent research project.
3. Annotated Bibliography
Write an annotated bibliography of relevant, reliable, and recent (since 1985) works that you
believe will help you answer your research question. Your annotated bibliography must include
all of the following:
a. At least 2 entries from the dictionaries and encyclopedias listed below.
b. At least 3 articles from the journals and listed below or 1 article and 1 monograph. To
find articles relevant to your topic, you should follow the references given in the
encyclopedia and dictionary entries, Kraemer’s Jewish Eating, and/or search the
following databases:
i. ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials (accessed through the UBC
Library website using your CWL or library bar code).
ii. RAMBI: The Index of Articles in Jewish Studies ( -
click on “Rambi Web.” You may then need to click on “English” in the upper
left corner).
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