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Religious Studies
RELG 101
Anne Murphy Jessica Main

Buddhism (in East and North Asia) East Asia and the Mahayana -China and Tibet short paper: due Friday 15th on turnitin 750-1000 words, use the textbook interpretation of a primary source use online sources we are given (readings in eastern religions) argue for or against a certain understanding/position bring a potential source to discussion on friday Theravada ▯ -won’t talk about this in class Mahayana school ▯ -China, Korea, Japan Vadrayana school (diamond school) ▯ -Tibet -texts from these schools are mixed, look at intro for primary source key philosophical concepts -emptiness ▯ -no-self (anatman) applied to everything ▯ -there’s no one self (eg. there’s no one part of a chariot that is its essence) ▯ -also said this about small things, eg. there’s no ‘woodness’ in one molecule of d o o ▯ w ▯ -no-self, emptiness, must be beyond language, since we tend to assign an ▯ essence to things when we name them -nonduality ▯ -samara=nirvana ▯ -collapse of the world of suffering (samsara) and (nirvana) into one, nondual, ▯ reality▯ ▯ -subject and object aren’t
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