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Religious Studies
RELG 101
Anne Murphy Jessica Main

Buddha review Nirmanakaya-human Sambhogakaya-divie Dharmakaya-ultimate reality Mahayana The Lota Sutra is a major text -Buddhosaka(?) is far along the realization path, but instead of going on to be a buddha, reaches back to give help to those behind so they can benefit from their own self -buddhas do this too -those further along the path pull those behind so they can escape as well -Mahayana and Vadrayana are only separated through their rituals ▯ -they have the same ideals Vadrayana (iterally meaning diamond or lightning bolt) -tantra: a south asian ritual system for the identification or merging of the practitioner with personified representations of ultimate reality -emptiness, nonduality -mantra -sexual union: symbolizing ultimate reality (emptiness) -bell and vajra ▯ -is part of the things someone needs to achieve enlightenment -mandala ▯ -internally, you perform patterns, externally, you create and disassemble physical ▯ patterns ▯ -is created in sand, to emphasize that nothing lasts forever -rely on gurus to teach and guide characteristics of vajrayana buddhism -using desire to break desire through ritual ▯ -sex is supposed to enlighten, not provoke more desire ▯ -along with alcohol and meat, is meant to quell desire ▯ -h
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