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Class 25 - Social Interaction in Everyday Life

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University of British Columbia
SOCI 100
Debra Pentecost

In-Class (26) Notes 11-07-2012 Social structure – a guide to everyday living  Social interaction o Process – people act and react in relation to others o Through interaction, create reality o Symbolic interactionism – society is a result of our daily interactions  Social structure o Rely on to make sense of daily situations o Culturally specific Building Blocks: Status and Role See table in the book Status  Recognized position within social system  We “occupy” status positions  Defines relationships to others  Ex. Student, teacher, doctor, mother  Status set o All statuses person holds at a given time o Ex. Daughter, sisters, student, worker  Ascribed status o Received at birth or given involuntarily by others o Ex. Age, nationality, gender  Achieved status o Acquired voluntarily by self o Ex. CEO, novelist  Master status o Special importance for social identity o Often shape person’s entire life o Ex. Physical ability  What principal statuses do you presently occupy?  Which are ascribed and which are achieved?  Any important enough to constitute a master status?  Consider ways physical disability can be a master status o What assumptions do people commonly make about the mental ability of someone with a physical disability such as cerebral palsy? o What assumptions made about person’s
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