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Class 31 - Mass Media II

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SOCI 100
Debra Pentecost

In Class (31) Notes 11-19-2012 Look up: P289 Text Filtering the Media Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media (Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky) Chomsky and Herman The Propaganda Model (**must know**)  Talking about the media system in the US (and how it differs from other countries that have more public media) Filters  Ownership  Advertising  Sources  Flak o Responding back to news corporations, contesting their news o Threatening if they go forward with their stories o Making it difficult for them to report their news  Anti-communist, free market, anti-terrorist o Ideology as a filter o Dominant filter is not anti-communist in the present o Dominant: anti-terrorism (free market ideology, liberal ideology) Myth of the Liberal Media (Video)  Media is influenced by wealthy businesses  Are the media too liberal? Do the messages of the media have a liberal slant?  Institutional Structure  Problem: people assume the journalists are the ones who are inflecting liberal propaganda; but it’s the owners  Idea of liberal media is a myth, it is actually very conservative. The Ownership Filter o Huge corporations run the media o Media owners are more conservative than most mainstream Americans o Rupert Murdoch o World leaders have to kiss Rupert Murdoch’s ass so they’re portrayed nicely in the me
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