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Class 35 - Gender

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SOCI 100
Debra Pentecost

In-Class (35) Notes 11-28-2012 The Body Beautiful: Adolescent Girls and Images of Beauty Beverly Matthews Rejects the “hypodermic needle” Social World of Adolescent Girls  Role social world plays defining physical selves o “The tyranny of appearance norms” – found on magazine covers o Representations of who are “the most beautiful in the world”  Author challenges beliefs women uncritically or helplessly follow cultural ideals around beauty o Spend a lot of their time trying to change how they look to fit in  Straining to get “ideal look” often purposeful act Striving to “look good” to achieve social goals  Not blindly conforming, nor necessarily low self-esteem  Used to achieve social status and power  Conform to avoid costs associated with deviating from ideal  Pressure to be a part of a group in early teens Three Levels of Gender System  Individual gender role orientation  Micro structure  Macro structure  ***GET MORE INFO FROM ARTICLE*** Why Adolescence is Important  Identity construction  Cant rely on borrowed identity from childhood  Importance of peers – “peer arena” o Micro world where identity is re-constructed o Our identity is constructed by those we hang around  “Imaginary audience” o Sensitive to judgments of others, imagine audience  “Comparative Act” o Gathering “raw resources” to shape one’s “self” o Girls comparing themselves to other girls, not to present themselves to guys Where do I fit in?  Social desirability  Status linked with appearance  Power stratified
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