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Class 34 - Gender

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University of British Columbia
SOCI 100
Debra Pentecost

In-Class (34) Notes 11-26-2012 Gender Definitions Sex  Biological definition  Females - XX chromosomes and estrogen  Males – XY chromosomes and testosterone Gender  Social construct  Based in part on definitions of femininity and masculinity  Norms and expectations encouraging “sex-appropriate” behavior o There are stricter norms for men and boys than women and girls Gender Identity  Perception of oneself as male or female Gender Order  Macro-level concept – social structure  Includes: gendered norms, roles and ideology  Together make social life gendered  Directing how males and females should act (Erving Goffman, Symbolic Interactionism) Gender Advertisements Erving Goffman 1976 (Time of second wave feminism, representation of women)  In social or public situations, even most minute behavior has meaning.  Gesture – expression – posture o Reveal not only how we feel about ourselves o Entire arrangement – a scene o Embodies cultural values  What human nature of males and females really consist of: o Capacity to learn to provide and read depictions of masculinity and femininity o Willingness to adhere to schedule for presenting these pictures (we follow the script provided to us) o Have capacity by being persons – not gendered persons (socialized into being gendered)  “One might say “there is no gender identity, only a schedule for the portrayal of gender”.  Advertisements o “We are socialized to confirm our own hypotheses about our natures” o “Advertisements depict for us not necessarily how we actually behave as men and women but how we think men and women behave”
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