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Class 48 Hurricane Katrina

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SOCI 100
Debra Pentecost

Tutorial (12) Notes 01-25-2013 Why would Hurricane Katrina be considered a social disaster rather than a natural disaster?  New Orleans is under sea level – pan floating on water  Gulf of Mexico area  Levees – damn structure to prevent water flooding the land  Tsunami in the Indian Ocean  US responded after 2 days  But in New Orleans, it took 5 days for national response even though troops were just 40 miles away.  Venezuela and other less-fortunate countries sent help before federal troops. Prior to Katrina  FEMA (Federal Emergency Managentment Agency) director had no experience with this type of natural disaster  Levees were built to withstand a category 3 storm; and hurricane Katrina was already a category 2 when it hit the levees  yet it still failed  High % of the population had no means to evacuate – and there was a study that brought this to light too  Mayor Nagin didn’t order mandatory evacuation before it was too late o He didn’t want to cripple the local businesses (who rely on tourism)  political motive  FEMA budget cut down under Bush administration
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