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Sociology Introduction

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SOCI 100
Chris Mac Kenzie

SOCI100wWeek 2 Lecture 1Sept 1509Sociology Introduction study of the obvious uncovering of inconvenient facts eg Family sociologyeducation work etcThings we dont want towould rather not knowControlled variablesSocial contract we live under if we do certain things will have good quality of life compared to our parents But image of wealth we currently haveproduct of consumer society Problems eg credit card debt inconvenient factDifference between opinion and informed opinionWe are products of our societyenvironment to a large extentThese days no longer value knowledgevalue informationthere are regular and observable patterns in human social lifeWhen looking at groups in society and see stable patterns of behaviourcan say they are various things Eg If youre attending Canadian university classmates come from families in upperhalf of income ladder Eg If you attend a community college classmates probably come from more modest meansEg 90 of people marry half by time theyre 30 50 will divorce Of those 50 23 get remarriedEg With a bachelors degree earn 25 more than if you
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