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SOCI 100
Chris Mac Kenzie

SOCI100Week 6 Lecture 2Oct 1509EducationThe social institutions responsible for transmitting a societys knowledge and cultureWe created it for specic purposecultural transmissionKnowledgetechnical Writing reading mathCulturebroader Internalized part of collective conscienceEnlightenmenteducation needededucation replacesmitigates ascribed traits with open democratic societyachieved onesHistorically humans have created social strataranking Based on ascribed characteristicsage gender ethnicity social class No controlEducation can help us move up socioeconomic ladder into diff ClassEducation gives you standingsay youve achievedPublic school system provincial govt fund schools Curriculum assessment standardized Even across boardQuality of education driven as much by nature of community as by curriculum Curriculum moneystandard but economic prosperity of a community plays a direct role in a schools successlets give money to parents rather than school Pick where your voucher systemkids want to go to school Logically would want to send to best school Would motivated schools on bottom to attract studentsNeed better teachers more resources By getting community involvedBut if deprived community lack resourcesFunctionalist Analysis of SchoolingManifest Functions something that we intend to dorecognize we do itFirst institution after family that continue our moralintellectual Socializationdevelopment Values we had in our family get carried into school School reects mainstream society Develop into better citizens teach them to readwrite etc Digital age Technical training related to socialization Abstract notionsbeliefsCultural transmissionChallenges of schoolsdo you foster attitude of cooperation amongst students Diminish competitive aspect But work worldcompetitiveSocial integration rst place to engage in groups Teacher not parents Gone from warm relationships to contractralcool relationships Learn how to integrate into strange groups authority structure broader world mainstream societySocial placement reproduction of social order
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