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Lecture 7

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SOCI 100
Debra Pentecost

Quantitative and Qualitative Methods Quantitative Research Methods Durkheim: methods of natural science used for social science research Methods involve:  Counting and precise measurement of observable behaviour  Generate/Collect Data  Make predictions Experiment **Testing a hypothesis** 1. ‘best’ kind of ‘science’ 2. Test statement of possible relationship between 2 or more variables. 3. Manipulate causes to determine effects 4. Highly controlled environment 5. Ethical problems 6. Hawthorne Effect: When people know being studied, change behaviour Survey Research **Asking questions** 1. Respondents answer statements or questions 2. Methodological tool: Questionnaire or interview 3. Useful for studying what cannot be observed directly 4. Obtain data from a “representative” population Sampling 1. A subset of individuals from a population to be studied 2. Representative 3. Conclusions not generalized beyond population studied Types of Samples 1. Random: Choose by chance from total population 2. Cluster: Sampling within sub-units 3. Quota: Conscious matching of sample to same proportions in total population 4. Accidental/Convenience: Choose who have at hand 5. Network: (snowball technique) Subjects asked to refer researcher to other people to use as subjects Existing Sources – Content Analysis **Asking Questions**  Used to describe/interpret recorded or visual messages  Look for regula
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