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Lecture 8

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SOCI 100
Debra Pentecost

The Research Cycle Woodward Buliding Lecture Hall 6. Exam. 1. Formulate question 2. Review existing literature 3. Select Method 4. Collect Data 5. Analyze Data 6. Report Results -> Back to step 1 Scientific Sociology: Concepts, Variables and Measurement Quantitative Research Design  Choose research problem & theoretical perspective to sxplore problem  Determine key concepts and variables  Construct testable hypothesis o Suggest casual relationship between 2 of these variables  Choose research method – argue why chosen (experiment, survey, secondary research using existing sources  Create operational definitions (allow empirical experimentation of both variables)  Consider validity and reliability of definitions  Name control variables (third variable) think should be included. o Third variables: those which must beheld constant to ensure not looking at spurious correlation. Terminology  Concepts  Mental construct representing some aspect of world in simplified form  Abstract labels for social life and categorizing people: “the family” “the economy” “social class”  Variables  Concept that takes on two or more values in different types or amounts  (how much) height, weight, income; type (gender), ethnicity; upper/middle/lower  Measurement  How to measure concepts effectively  How do you measure sociological variables? Class? What is the procedure?  Operationlization  Procedure for sp
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