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Lecture 2

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SOCI 100
Debra Pentecost

Kerry Watts Anso 125, Mondays 10-11, 12:30-1:30 Sociological Perspective The more general study of society vs the concentrated study of an individual: Psychology. It is the analysis of a pattern of society and social behaviour. Often used to find the causes, social factors, and roots of many of society’s problems. To find out WHY? To utilize these found answers to understand questions. Sociological Theory/Paradigm The perspective you have on different issues will be highly dependent on your sociological theory. Your theory will give you a certain view and answer for each conflict, and this answer will be drastically different from people who have other theories and paradigms. Causes of Misery 1. Chronic suffering and unhappiness 2. Happens at random 3. State of the world affecting misery (p.177) Durkheim cautioned us long ago that if we are ever going to understand social matters, then we need to look at social causes. “If poverty, violence, crime, oppression, and meaningless work are social matters (and they are), then we must look to a social explanation. If suicide, drug abuse, and feat are widespread in society (and they are), then we must examine the nature of that soiety to understand these seemingly individual acts. Sometimes it is the breakdown of society that is responsible; somtimes it is actually the successful opeation of society that is to blame.”  If capitalism is successful, there will be suffering for people. There must be blatant inequalities in order for capitalism to succeed. This is an example of a state of the w
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