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Debra Pentecost

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October 15, 2012 Culture - What is culture? - ''The ways of thinking, ways of acting and material objects that forma people's way of life - e.g. Knowledge, beliefs, art, morals, law, custom - People interacting with each other & things in constrained, meaningful ways - University learning o What things are here? o How are they arranged? o What rules are we following? o What will happen if we break them? o What possibilities are opened up by this system? o What possibilities are foreclosed? Cultural transmission occurs through: - Material culture o (things: objects, commodities, architecture) - Non-material culture o (symbols, language, values and beliefs, norms, ideal and real culture) Symbols - Anything carrying particular meaning - recognized by people sharing culture - Meanings can vary:- o Cross culturally o Within single society & over time Language - System of symbols - Key to cultural transmission - Language as key unlocking centuries of accumulated wisdom Sapir-Whorf hypothesis: - People perceive w
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