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SOCI 100
Debra Pentecost

Nov 19 Chomsky & Heran The Propaganda Model (refers to the United States) - Filters o Ownership  Who owns these? What are their intentions? o Advertising  Don’t want downer info  Want content-friendly material to keep people buying  Has a lot of influence on news outlets o Sources  Use a lot of people (experts)  How do these experts influence the media? o Flak  Responding back to news groups  Libel suits  Keeps media in line through potential court action o Anti-communist, free market, anti-terrorist ideology  In today's term, the predominant ideology is anti-terrorist Film: The Liberal Media - Common belief is that the media holds a leftist view - There is no evidence of this - Most independent research has found that media is influenced by big corporations - "Is the media too liberal?" is what is needed to be asked - Are the media free to allow expression of opinion from whatever source? - The prop model shows how the media is influenced by conservative elites -- they control what is put in what is not The Ownership Filter - huge corporations - Media owners are much more conservative than mainstream Americans - Policies and personnel change to reflect the owner's conservative biases The Advertising Filter - To a news organization, the advertisers are people they cannot offend
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